Can I setup Two-factor-authentication in LunaHR?

An additional layer of security, 2FA helps in securing user authentication from attacks such as password cracking, brute force and phishing etc. It adds one more step of user authentication for ensuring something the user has i.e. Password/2FA code. 2FA is an important step to ensure the integrity of the user which is very simple […]

How do I change my contact details?

After you have been setup into LunaHR either through self-onboarding or getting your account setup by the admin/HR you can easily change your contact details should you need to. To do this, you need to perfom the following steps:- Click the dropdown at the side of your profile picture on the left. Click to ‘My […]

How can I upload my documents in LunaHR?

Uploading documents in LunaHR is very easy as you can make categories for documents under which you can upload a particular kind of documentation you need uploading. For example, under the receipts folder you can add all your receipts, under the driving folder you can add your driving license and under the contract folder you […]

How can I create a department?

A modular HR system gives you this opportunity of taking advantage of its flexibility of creating and editing departments and configure it according to your company policies is what organization of today’s world are looking for. In LunaHR, it is fairly straightforward to create a new department, configure and add new employees in it. Follow […]

How To Check Login Attempts?

How to check login attempts? This functionality was added to help keep your account secure. By checking login attempts you can see who has tried to login into your account, tracking both successful and unsuccessful attempts. The following details are accessible: IP Address (please note these are subject to change if they are dynamic) Browser […]

How Do I Send, View And Delete Messages in LunaHR

How do I send, view and delete a message in LunaHR? You can send messages providing your company has been setup so that end users can send messages. If so, you can happily send, delete, read and draft emails. Sending messages is a powerful tool. You can use this functionality to message an administrator if […]

What Is Sick Leave?

What is sick leave? Sick leave is where you have had to take leave because of illness. Depending on company policy, you might be able to apply for this yourself (Applying for sick leave) or an administrator will assign a sick leave form for you to fill out. In the UK, if you take more […]

What Is Leave Taken and Leave Remaining?

What is ‘Leave Taken’ and ‘Leave Remaining’? Exactly what the name says, leave taken is simply the amount of annual leave you have taken. This box / figure does not include any other leave entitlement defined by your company i.e. maternity leave for example. Leave remaining is the amount of leave you have remaining from […]

What Is Entitled Leave?

What is ‘Entitled Leave’? Your company defines how much leave you are entitled to. This is entitled leave or commonly referred to as either annual leave or paid holiday. Depending on how many hours you work depends on your entitled leave. If you work 5 days a week must receive 28 days paid holiday (this […]