How Do I Get More Info About A Page?

How do I get more information about a page or feature? LunaHR was created to be intuitive and easy to use. On every page there will be an information symbol. By default, this information symbol will be toggled off. However, if you click it, you will get an information box, containing a page description and […]

How Do I Configure My Notifications?

How do I configure my notifications? Notifications are a powerful feature. By default you will always receive both email and system notifications. You cannot deactivate email notifications as it is an integral feature. However, you can deactivate what system notifications you get: Hover and click the notification bell Click settings Here you can toggle notifications […]

How Do I Contact Support?

How do I contact support? If you are having user problems and the knowledge base is not helping, you may contact your administrator or us directly at [email protected] If you have a question regarding leave or expenses, it is recommended to contact your HR department first or line manager. You can do this in the […]

How Do I Add A Profile Picture?

How do I add a profile picture? Adding a profile picture helps colleagues and HR recognize you. It also makes the system more personal to use, so we highly recommend doing so. There are two ways of adding a profile photo: First Method: Dropdown Menu (quickest) Hover over to your profile in the top right-hand […]

How Do I Check My Work Pattern?

How Do I Check My Work Pattern? Everybody working in the UK has a work pattern. The work pattern that is assigned to you in LunaHR is reflective of this. This work pattern helps calculate leave allowance. You can view your work pattern here: Click the dropdown on your profile picture and browse to My […]

How Do I Add An Emergency Contact?

How do I add an emergency contact? You can add multiple emergency contacts into LunaHR. This information is accessible to HR and administrators. Where do I add an emergency contact? Click on the dropdown menue in your profile and navigate to My profile -> Personal details Scroll down and in the emergency contact section add […]

Recovering Your Password

Recovering Your Password Forgotten your password? No problem. There are two ways to recover your password, depending on your situation. Know your username / have access to your email? Navigate to your tenancy. For example – Click the ‘Forgot Password’ button Enter your email address Check your email and click the following link to […]