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What is LunaHR?

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Core Module

At the core of the LunaHR platform is a simple and intuitive web based interface which provides self-service facilities for employees, supporting flexible, hierarchy and authorisation paths to suit an organisation’s structure.

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Leave Module

The LunaHR Leave Module has been developed to provide approval through business rules enhancement, where the HR manager is left only dealing with exceptional circumstances when it comes to leave management.

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Expense Module

The LunaHR mobile friendly platform allows expenses to be filed from anywhere on a multitude of devices at any time.  Receipts can be photographed ensuring estimated expenses are minimised, cost centre allocation is customised and can be analysed by department and expense category.

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Attendance Module

Integrating modern-age tools and managing attendance through the LunaHR platform opens a world where companies can easily track attendance and relate it to performance management.

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Training & Development

A key aspect in any organisation, learning and development facilitates improved employee performance and subsequent business growth. The LunaHR Training and Development Module allows employees to strengthen their skills and ensure all employees receive mandatory training.

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Reports Module

LunaHR Reports module allows comprehensive reports to be created, providing company insights, allowing strategy to be developed. Custom report templates can be automatically generated and scheduled on a regular basis, giving timely insights without any effort, allowing time to be focused on taking action instead.

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Our Roadmap

The LunaHR vision is to become a true People Analytics i.e. Human Capital Analytics software solution that is globally significant – a leader in HR/ERP solution software