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An additional layer of security, 2FA helps in securing user authentication from attacks such as password cracking, brute force and phishing etc. It adds one more step of user authentication for ensuring something the user has i.e. Password/2FA code.

2FA is an important step to ensure the integrity of the user which is very simple to set up in LunaHR with the following steps:-

  • Firstly, turn on 2FA in LunaHR by browsing to company structure -> setting -> Security settings then set up password complexity and turn off/on 2 Step authentication settings.
  • After it has been turned on by the admin/HR, the user can browse to ‘My Settings’ in their profile drop down menu and click on the two factor login tab
  • There you will see how to set up google authenticator with a step by step instructions. You need to download google authenticator on your mobile if you don’t have and simply follow the instructions on the screen to set 2FA.
  • You can also choose to authenticate using either your email address or your phone number

After having set 2FA in LunaHR, when you next login you’ll be asked to enter your 2FA code shown in your google authenticator app.