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LunaHR is a modular HR Platform, that easily integrates into other technology. We are constantly on the lookout to partner with innovative UK SMEs and HR agencies.

Key Information

Partnership Opportunity

  • What type of partnerships: UK SMEs and start-ups in both the HR and technology sectors
  • Why Partner?: Businesses that complement each other can help accelerate growth and provide immense value for current and prospective clients.
  • Support Available: From the moment a partnership is arranged, we will assist with the necessary resources
  • Your Involvement: Whether you are a HR agency referring clients to us or a technology start-up wanting to integrate, your involvement will be rewarded and discussed in the discovery meeting

The LunaHR Platform is open for commercial use, however, we are still growing and developing in a challenging industry. Our approach to this challenge is to partner with (1) innovative UK SMEs & start-ups who have a great product that could cross-integrate into LunaHR. And (2) using a referral scheme to partner with HR agencies and professionals to provide their clients a HR platform that meets their requirements.

Partnerships will shape and direct the roadmap of LunaHR. It will also play a huge involvement in future research i.e. how integrations can help improve business efficiency. Events with talks on new developments, sharing lessons and failures, etc – gives HR agencies a good opportunity to be a thought leader and create a new narrative. All of which can be backed up with data and reports from LunaHR.


Accelerate Growth

Businesses that complement each other help facilitate and accelerate growth.

Investing in you

To help partners grow and succeed, LunaHR invests in you—the resources, programs, and tools we offer help you train your team, build innovative solutions

Exclusive Benefits

Unique opportunities designed to help benefit your business

New Experience

Collaboration can help your organisation and others by providing insights into the benefits of implementing a revolutionary HR Platform

Partnership & Accelerator Programmes

Supported by programmes built specifically for UK SMEs

Setsquared Bristol LunaHR Partnership
LunaHR MSDUK Accelerator Ethnic Minority UK SMES
LunaHR UKRI Innovate UK Edge Partnership

As a LunaHR partner, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources, tools, and connections. Join a community designed to foster business growth for UK based hybrid and remote teams.

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