Attendance Module

LunaHR Attendance Module

Managing remote and hybrid employee attendance is a critical aspect of HR. Simply tracking sign in and sign out is not good enough for the modern company driven by results and performance. Traditional manual attendance record keeping has evolved into punching machines and biometric identification. Such tools facilitate accurate and detailed digital data collection of employee attendance.

Integrating modern-age tools and managing attendance through the LunaHR platform opens a world where UK businesses can easily track attendance and relate it to performance management.

  • Clock in / Clock Out
  • Custom Attendance Related Notifications
  • Attendance Warnings (lateness, sickness, etc)
  • In-depth attendance reports
  • Shift Patterns
  • Manual Attendance Requests
  • Attendance Overviews
  • Advanced Attendance Settings


Rota Management

Shift patterns can be created and duplicated to ensure consistent and fair distribution amongst departments. Overtime payments and lieu day entitlements are consolidated against the rota to ensure accurate application of policies and remuneration.

With LunaHR remote and hybrid employees can swap shifts and request approval if required according to business rules.  Rules based rota fulfilment is currently under development and will enhance rota management and automate a time consuming process which will ensure fairness as well as providing the ability to provide insights into shift fulfilment.


Clock in / Clock Out

The attendance module supports a multi-faceted clock in and clock out system, allowing employees to clock in or out via biometrics, punching device, email and the LunaHR platform, giving companies the flexibility to configure this crucial aspect to suit their current setup.

If enabled, the LunaHR attendance module logically sends out email notifications to employees, reminding them about when their shift starts and ends, this option can be further configured by adding warning thresholds and frequency of notifications, making it extremely difficult for employees to be late.

Manual clock in and clock out request functionality means if an employee does forget to clock in or clock out, they can manually send a request with an explanation, allowing for HR to process and keep up-to-date records.


Comprehensive Attendance Reports

The LunaHR Platform creates real-time company tailored alerts and information, line managers and HR can view this in their dashboard to examine employee regularity and punctual records, allowing them to take tough decisions on poor absenteeism records.

Day to day attendance reports can be automatically generated to help managers and HR get a high level summary, displaying critical information, allowing them to get an understanding of employee performance.

Reports using the same data but over longer periods of time can help HR and line managers make logical and strategic decisions in HR policy by setting and later evaluating KPIs for employees, teams, locations and departments.

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