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About LunaHR

Leading HR Platform for local UK Businesses
Based in Bristol

LunaHR is a trading name of A2ZTECHNOLOGIES Ltd. We have been developing bespoke software for 10+ years, LunaHR is our first commercial product. We developed LunaHR in 2017 to address the lack of suitable options in HR Platforms for remote and hybrid teams.

Post Pandemic Ready

Our platform is heavily focused on UK SMEs that have or will adopt remote and hybrid working, ensuring HR can function effectively for all parties.


A2ZTECHNOLOGIES Ltd have been developing software for 15+ years. We used all of our experience to deliver LunaHR.

Heavily Backed For Success

LunaHR is our first commercial product. We are fortunate enough to have the support from Setsquared and existing clients who make up a user group.

LunaHR is a leading HR Platform for local UK businesses. A cloud-based, high performing intuitive platform. More importantly, it is the successor of another HR Platform we developed, that had been active for 5+ years. While LunaHR is a fresh modern platform, its framework and principles have had years of solid success, enabling easy HR management of remote and hybrid teams.

Leadership Team

Luna is a growing diverse team of 11 employees

Azir Razzak

Azir Razzak

Founder & CEO
Nick Merry

Nick Merry

Commercial Director
Lewis Tolman

Lewis Tolman

Product Owner
Agit Isik

Agit Isik

Technical Lead

Our team might be small, but we all adhere to the same principles that make Luna great. Clear, transparent, practical, progressive, supportive and empathetic. Luna encompasses these principles to help put the “human back into human resources” .

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Partnership & Accelerator Programmes

Supported by programmes built specifically for UK SMEs

Setsquared Bristol LunaHR Partnership
LunaHR MSDUK Accelerator Ethnic Minority UK SMES
LunaHR UKRI Innovate UK Edge Partnership