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LunaHR is a modern, flexible, next generation HR platform
that has been developed for the businesses of today, and tomorrow.

The HR Platform created by the people, for the people.

Attract, Engage, Develop and Retain. Developed and built in conjunction with Employees, HR experts, Consultants, Technology Partners and more, to provide a platform to manage your most valuable resource - The Employees.

What can LunaHR do for your organisation?

Your company is a lot more than just papers, files and documentation.

It’s an effective mix of people, projects, and strategy. LunaHR boasts plentiful features which aim to drive the efficiency of your organisation. Manage onboarding, employee data & files, leave, reports and documents that your entire team will enjoy using, and with ease.

Less paper, greater flexibility, happier people.

Accessible Anywhere

Being cloud-based, The all-in-one online software allows users to access the system from anywhere, on all devices.

Built for Customisation

Our modular platform allows for businesses to customise and structure their system by only paying for the features you want to use.

Thorough Reporting & Analysis

From absence patterns to expenditure, LunaHR allows you to filter your employees HR information with ease. All your reports are automated, fully customisable allowing for simple and instant analysis whenever required.

Secure and Guaranteed

As well as all of the connections to LunaHR being secured and encrypted with SSL protocol, data is protected with daily backups and exports with information being easily retrievable. As an employer, you will have complete control over your employee’s account and accessibility.


Take a look at the key modules of LunaHR

LunaHR’s Leave management module implements a simple way for users to view their annual leave allowance, submit requests for leave & sickness and track the absence of their team. Managers can easily track absence as well as approve requests in just a few clicks.

Absence reporting also allows for meaningful and customised reports to be produced in an instant for a more thorough and filtered analysis.

We have developed the system so the Online leave management is made uncomplicated with the quick and simple request and leave approval system. Followed up with automation and rule-based functionality, LunaHR aims to transform the way absence is managed.

Eliminate manual expense work with LunaHR’s powerful and extensive expense management module, no longer will have you have to manage paper receipts and spreadsheets where employees can make use of our automated management allowing to submit and track expense reports from anywhere.

Being accessible from a mobile device, capture and submit your receipts directly using your devices camera allowing for the perfect on-the-go way of managing expenditure.

Managers also have a great flexibility with this system, where they can easily review & approve expense reports, as well as query a request, produce reports and much more.

The Core – Suitably named, is the core module of the LunaHR platform and an integral part of the systems architecture.  Storing all the basic content such as login information and controlled access to the system, this module incorporates everything required for a user to access and use the system.

This module contains the following main features:
1) Basic company information
2) Basic employee information
3) Login and authentication
4) Tenant Management
5) Company configuration setup
6) Access control to other modules in the system
7) Single Sign on –

The management of Time & Attendance is effectual only when it’s real-time and allows for instant analysis.

Being seamlessly integrated, LunaHR management system handles allows users to access this module with simplicity and efficiency.

  • Comprehensive shift management with customisable shift patterns and availability calendars.
  • Capture attendance data using in-depth reports.
  • Easily track time and punctuality with the Check-in/Check-out feature.


To be more flexible and tailored to your organisations requirements, our pricing structure is set-up so that you pay only for what you use, and specific to the amount of employees you require.

Further information about LunaHR prices can be found on our Pricing Guide

Further Benefits

The Roadmap

LunaHR’s roadmap is an exciting one, and something incredibly important to us.

By striving to deliver the best in HR products, our team of experts are constantly looking for new and innovative ways we can transform the HR industry.

What is meant by 'Onboarding' ?

Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees or users into an organisation and familiarising with a product or service.

At LunaHR we intend to make the whole process of onboarding as easy as possible. Where automation is concerned our advanced system allows for many processes to be carried out seamlessly. As well as automation and rule-based processes, our experts are on hand 24/7 to assist.

We already use a HR system, can we transfer our data and how long will it take?

Of course! LunaHR’s onboarding feature allows new users to easily transfer data using .csv files. Once we have all the information required, we can help with getting you & your team up and running in no time.

For those who are using the more conventional method of paper to manage their existing HR, we can still help. If you provide us with all the necessary information, our team of experts will be able to get this all transferred seamlessly.

What Hardware and Software do I need?

Being a cloud-based application, LunaHR requires only an internet connection, a browser on any device and an email address.  No additional software or hardware is required.

Is there a feature for off-boarding employees?

Currently, no. However, along with a bunch of aspects on the LunaHR roadmap our team of experts have already begun the development of this feature and will look to release when best possible.

Onboarding, easily...

Employee onboarding has been a key component of LunaHR’s development, that has been carefully implemented to welcome new users to the system with the utmost ease.

Whether you plan on transferring data from an existing digital system, or moving away from paper-based practises, LunaHR’s system as well as team of experts aims to make the whole process smooth and effortless.

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Tired of ineffective ways of handling HR? LunaHR is a modern, flexible, next generation HR Platform that has been developed for the businesses of today, and tomorrow.

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