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A modular HR system gives you this opportunity of taking advantage of its flexibility of creating and editing departments and configure it according to your company policies is what organization of today’s world are looking for. In LunaHR, it is fairly straightforward to create a new department, configure and add new employees in it.

Follow the steps to create a new department:

  • Click on Company structure from the left side options and then go to the ‘Departments’ tab.
  • Here you can quickly create departments and can see the list of all departments in your organization and search for them, edit them etc.
  • On the upper right side you will see a ‘+’ button to create a new department.
  • Clicking the button opens up a small window where you can enter general information such as Department name and work pattern
  • The next step is assigning expense approver/authorizer/ payer and leave approver/authorizer and line manager
  • In the next section, you set up the working pattern of the department i.e 9-5 and set up leave allowances
  • The next section is where you get the option for setting up public holidays and leave allowance, where you can manage your departments public holiday and add them up. You can add the number of holidays allowed in the department and choose whether to include public holidays in it or not
  • After you set up leave, the last step is to set up expenses for the department just like the same way you have set up the leave. In the Expense tab you can set up by adding your Department expense categories such as Accommodation, mileage, entertainment, air travel etc and set up your department’s mileage rate and a threshold.

Your department will now be set up and will be shown in the Departments tab under the company structure.