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How do I send, view and delete a message in LunaHR?

You can send messages providing your company has been setup so that end users can send messages. If so, you can happily send, delete, read and draft emails. Sending messages is a powerful tool. You can use this functionality to message an administrator if you have a problem, for example or message a leave approver to query about your leave application.

It is super easy to send a message, please follow the instructions:

  1. Navigate to the messaging icon on the top right
  2. Click ‘Compose’
  3. Select the general message
  4. Select the employee
  5. Add a subject
  6. Then add any further details if required and then press send

Please note the following about this functionality:

  • Any messages you have sent will be in your sent box
  • Any messages you have failed to complete will be saved as draft
  • Messages you have deleted will be in the trash, you can permanently delete these if needed
  • You will receive a notification by email when you get a message
  • You can reply to messages
  • You may receive either a task or a note. This is not a message. A note does not require a reply. And a task is an action you should carry out, this also doesn’t not require a reply.

Please keep these messages HR related