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Uploading documents in LunaHR is very easy as you can make categories for documents under which you can upload a particular kind of documentation you need uploading. For example, under the receipts folder you can add all your receipts, under the driving folder you can add your driving license and under the contract folder you can upload contracts.

There are few places where you can upload documents in LunaHR –

  • Log in as an Admin/HR
  • Navigate to Company Hub -> Hub and here you will see ‘Add a new document’. By clicking this you can upload new documents which the employees of the organization can view it, should you choose to.
  • Navigate to ‘Filling Cabinets’ and select an employee. Here you will be having the folders for particular documents category that can be created. [Hyperlink to how to create modular folders article]
  • Click on the folder and then click on the ‘+’ button and a pop up window will appear where you enter basic information about the file and upload it, which then gets added to the folder.