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LunaHR Training & Development

A key aspect in any UK Business, learning and development facilitates improved employee performance and subsequent business growth. The LunaHR Training and Development Module allows both remote and hybrid employees to strengthen their skills and ensure all employees receive mandatory training.

The above helps increase job satisfaction, employee motivation and increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain.

  • Comprehensive Training Log
  • Determine Skills
  • Searchable Employee Records
  • Integrate with Onboarding
  • Succession Training (roadmap)
  • Training Requests (roadmap)
  • Integrate with Training Providers (roadmap)
  • Progress Tracking (roadmap)



Easily search for an employee and add training records to ensure updated record keeping, keeping employees informed and in compliance. Comprehensive training records allow human resources to focus their attention on certain remote or hybrid employees and measure performance and personal based targets.

Accessible and detailed records are key to a businesses life cycle – LunaHR training records ensures employees are given equal opportunities for training and have undergone mandatory training for their current position, improving performance and productivity.



Educational records can be added and managed in LunaHR (similar to that of training records). The LunaHR Training and Development Module is still developing. Future plans focus on evaluating individuals and their career aspirations and how this relates to current and future needs.

Surveys with probing questions allows dialog between line managers and remote employees via the LunaHR platform. A sense of reasoning and judgement is gathered to determine the best interests of the employee and the future challenges of the company, facilitating this process helps determine career paths that align with the organisations interests.

Based on the above, employees can apply for educational opportunities using integrated educational providers, these courses would help employees prepare for future business challenges.



At any level, career path is necessary for job satisfaction and subsequently job retention. LunaHR Training and Development Module looks to take into account career paths.

Employee Educational and Training activities can be tracked, allowing line managers to easily see cross company progress and ensure benchmarks are met. Remote and hybrid employees are sent reminders to ensure they are progressing with courses and developing accordingly.

Course reviews and the ability to add skills to employee records upon course completion determines whether employees are developing and whether the courses are sufficient for present and future organisational challenges.

Integrating directly with the performance module – LunaHR will be able to determine whether the employee has developed by relating this directly to tangible goals. This provides a powerful tool, allowing HR to evaluate effectiveness of their Training and Development programmes.

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