Training & Development

How do I view expiring records?

An exciting feature in LunaHR’s training and development module is that it enables you to set up an expiry date after the user has completed a particular course. This becomes very useful for the HR/Admins to keep an eye on the skills achieved by the employee. With the expiry functionality: you can set an expiry […]

How do I create a new course?

LunaHR provides you the functionality of getting your workforce trained up on the courses you assign to them. This provides a continuous development opportunity for the employees where within LunaHR you can analyse which employee needs skills upgrade. You can add courses onto the system and then assign it to a particular employee To create […]

How do I assign a course to a user?

The Training & development module provides courses for users professional and personal development to put into their roles. You can create courses in LunaHR and then assign these courses to the individuals in your organization and keep a proper track record of each indivdual personal development. For assigning a course to a user, just follow […]

Creating a New Training & Development Record

LunaHR offers the ability to improve employee’s skills as they go along with its intense training & development module.  You can simply track all of your employees trainings by creating a new record following the steps below -> Login as an Admin or HR Browse to the Training & development module, where you’ll get to […]