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How do I view expiring records?

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An exciting feature in LunaHR’s training and development module is that it enables you to set up an expiry date after the user has completed a particular course.

This becomes very useful for the HR/Admins to keep an eye on the skills achieved by the employee.

With the expiry functionality: you can set an expiry for training records. Expiry becomes active in two ways once when a record is already created i.e. is marked as complete. Or you can create a new record with a status of complete straight away and set an expiry valid from and valid to

  • Expiring records will show in the expiry table
  • Emails will be sent to HR / End user for records expiring (if an expiry has been set)

You can set expiry by:-

  • When adding a new record and you will see an option at the bottom ‘Set an expiry’
  • Turn on Set an expiry and enter the number of days you want the expiration to be

Now, your expiry is set up and both the HR and user will be notified for the expiring training records.