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LunaHR provides you the functionality of getting your workforce trained up on the courses you assign to them. This provides a continuous development opportunity for the employees where within LunaHR you can analyse which employee needs skills upgrade. You can add courses onto the system and then assign it to a particular employee

To create a course in LunaHR follow the steps:-

  • Browse to Training & Development module then Settings
  • On the settings page you will see all your created courses with Names, description, Hours, training provider and action buttons. You will see a plus button on the upper right of the table which is for creating and adding a new course.
  • It is simple to create a course just by clicking on the ‘+’ button and then filling up the information about the new course and click on save then the course will be added to the list of courses.

After having created the course, you will be able to select from your list of created courses when you assign these to the users.