How To Enable Leave Requests For Next Year?

How to enable leave requests for next leave year? By default the LunaHR system does not allow leave requests to be made for the next leave year. If your employee wants to apply for leave in January next year,  you can change this to allow users to apply for leave in the next leave year […]

How To set minimum holidays for medical certificate

You can set minimum days off needed where a medical certificate should be uploaded. In the UK this tends to be 7 – but if your company has a different policy, feel free to change this option by creating a policy You can do this by following the below instructions: Leave -> Settings -> Rules […]

How To Set Max Limit On Leave Requests (in days)

How to set a maximum limit on annual leave request (in days) Your company may have a policy where employees aren’t allowed to make a leave application that exceeds a certain amount of days. This can be set by using the LunaHR’s rules and policy functionality. Please see the following instructions: Leave -> Settings -> […]

How To Enable Auto Approval

How to enable auto-approval If you do not have a HR department or want to save resources, you can set certain rules to enable auto approve of leave through the rules and policies functionality. You can do this by following the instructions below: Leave -> Settings -> Rules and policies Click on the ‘+’ button on […]

How To Disable / Enable Email Confirmation For Login

How to disable / enable email confirmation for login By default LunaHR has the functionality that means you users cannot login until your email is confirmed. If you want to disable this functionality, please follow these instructions: Administration -> Settings User management Select ‘Email confirmation required for login’

Activating Captcha for User Registration

You can activate captcha for user registration. Captcha is a security feature that helps prevent spam bots and people trying to brute force their way into your system. To activate captcha, please follow these instructions: Administration -> Settings User management Select the Captcha checkbox

Enabling Users To Register To LunaHR

Enabling users to register to the system Active by default, administrators can determine whether users can self-register to LunaHR. In some companies, HR will want to completely handle this, whereas other company’s self-employee onboarding can be very beneficial. You can change these settings – here is how: Administration -> Settings User Management Select users to […]

What Are Audit Logs and How Do I Use Them?

What are audit logs and how do I use them? In general, you will not need to use audit logs. However, if there is a security breach or you want to check on the actions of certain users, you can do this here. An audit log basically stores all the actions of users within your […]