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How to apply for ‘other’ leave?

It is super easy to request other leave in LunaHR. Please note: your company may not have other leave i.e. maternity leave or leave in lieu as this might not be setup! However, if it is you can apply through the dashboard by clicking ‘+’ button in the top right-hand corner of My leave or by using the main navigation and navigating to ‘My Leave’

  1. Browse to Leave -> My Leave
  2. From the leave type select ‘Other Leave – i.e. maternity or leave of lieu’ as leave type
  3. Select your dates (this shouldn’t overlap previously applied leave)
  4. Add a note if needed
  5. Click Submit

Please note the following:

  • You will receive an error message with details if the leave application was unsuccessful
  • Your leave application will be sent to your leave approver, you can see who this is in your profile on the leave tab
  • Other leave is not deducted from your leave entitlement
  • You may not see any other leave types. If so, this functionality has not been enabled by your company