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When you have your company departments setup in LunaHR you would now need to add employees into various departments. There are following different ways in which you can do this:-

  • When creating a new employee within LunaHR, during the creation process you get an option to select a department for the employee where they’ll be added.
  • When inviting an employee to self-onboard as an admin or HR, you fill up some initial details for the employee where you fill which department the employee will be added in.
  • You can import a list of csv files for the employees to be added where in the csv file format you mention which department each employee will belong to.
  • Likewise, you can also edit an existing employee and change their departments. You can do this by going into Company Structure -> Employees -> Edit Employee -> Select the department tab

You have your employees added in the department now and you can browse to Company Structure -> Departments and click on the view button to see all employees in that particular department.