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Explaining Expense Claim Statuses

So, you have submitted your expense, now what? Expenses follow a logical workflow and before payment will have to go through a process. You will receive emails, system notifications and status updates about this. So, what does it all mean?

PendingYour expense has been successfully submitted. Your approver should have received an email about this. If your department has an authoriser, they will have also got a notification about this. You now have to wait for them to either query, approve or reject your expense.
ApprovedCongratulations. Your expense has been approved. You will have received an email and system notification about this. Your expense payer will now receive a notification for this
RejectedUnfortunately, your expense has been rejected. Either your approver or authoriser (if enabled) has rejected your expense. You will need to read their comment and apply for a new expense.


PaidYour expense has been paid. The expense payer has processed this and has agreed to the payment of your expense.
Partially PaidYour expense report has been partially paid. This means, one or more of your expenses within the report were not paid.