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How to apply for sick leave?

If enabled by your company, you will be able to apply for sick leave. This can be done in the same interface as applying for a normal leave request. If there isn’t an option for sick leave, this mean it isn’t enabled.

  1. Click Leave -> My Leave
  2. Select Sick Leave as the leave type
  3. Select your dates (this shouldn’t overlap previously applied leave)
  4. Fill in the additional information
  5. Attach a medical certificate if needed
  6. Add a note if needed
  7. Click Submit

Please note the following:

  • Sick leave will be submitted to your leave approver like a normal request (they’ll receive an email about this)
  • Sick leave can be assigned as a task from HR. If you have been assigned this task you need to complete this before doing anything else
  • Sick leave will not subtract from Entitled Leave