What is a HR Platform?

A Human Resource (HR) platform consolidates various frameworks and processes which are utilized by small to large organizations for better representative administration and management of employees, which is also commonly referred to as Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS).

What is a modular HR Platform?

Modular HR platforms are more refined and revolutionize software systems that have changed the way HR perform their tasks and are looked at. They offer flexibility in terms of choosing features and offers integration capabilities with other third party applications. Essentially this gives complete control to the client, allowing them to tailor access, features and only pay what they are using.

So what is LunaHR?

LunaHR is a comprehensive modular HR platform which is modern and easy to use. It combines all HR management essentials together into one online system. With a tap or a tick, you can discover and alter employee’s information, audit and approve various requests, track and manage leave and expenses and considerably find helpful information about your workforce.

It provides a bunch of reports extraordinarily intended to catch consideration and uncover shrouded bits of knowledge. You can utilize these great reports to feature territories of the center for business development, or notwithstanding for showing the year-on-year upgrades, you’re making for your organization. Being a cloud based technology, you can access the platform from anywhere and anytime from all devices. These are all the features and this is how a modular HR platform looks like.

Do we integrate?

One of the most important functions a modern HR platform should have is the ability to integrate with other applications to collect data and use all functionality under one window.

LunaHR has the ability to integrate with market leading recruitment, payroll and accountancy applications to develop a comprehensive HR solution. Integrations serves various advantages in making systems easy to use and saves time by collaboration. It helps you in generating and collecting data under one window and analyse the results quickly before proceeding further.

Industry and HR Platforms

Human Resource software have web based interfaces which makes the work of HR managers more efficient. Modular HR platforms are starting to revolutionize and benefit HR professionals, employees and managers in every business aspect whether your business is in healthcare, finance, avaiation, media, retail or any other category.

There is amazing stock of HR systems available today and what makes an HR system different from the others is the ability to be modular and fully adaptable to the user needs. These platforms are perfect enough to completely manage employees in the organisation.

To conclude

Modular HR platforms are the new face of HR technology in the industry today. They are intended to replace rigid outdated platforms or systems to help manage the increasing workload of HR departments.

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