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Type of Luna Reports

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A powerful module of LunaHR that is often not used enough. The reports module allows you to select and choose your data, and then exercise various conditions to get specific insights into your business.

Popular Report Categories

Employee Report

This report has every field about an employee. It can be used to find employees with certain skills, determine demographics throughout the company, and much more. By using conditions, you can use this report to determine new joiners and leavers each month – and ensure new joiners for example, have filled in all the necessary information.


Leave History Report

This report is used to look at individual leave applications, from any leave type. It can be used to show all annual leave applications next month for example or leave applications with more than 10 days.


Leave Summary Report

While leave history report shows individual applications, the leave summary report combines all that information together. It’s useful for determining things such as – which employees still have more than 5 days of leave to take this year.


Expense Summary Report

Like a leave summary report, you can determine key metrics that help with understanding business expenses. You can determine how much an employee, office or department is spending each month for example.


Expense History Report

With expense history reports, you can investigate individual expenses within an expense report. This gives you an interesting insight into things such as expenses vs categories or expenses vs projects for example.


Expense Categories Report

With this report you can determine how much each expense category costs vs a specific time threshold. This can be useful to identify where costs can be saved or billing a client appropriately.


Employee Documents Report

A powerful report that helps determine whether employees have certain documentation. It can also be used to export additional meta data of crucial documentation i.e. driving licenses (license points, license number, etc.)


Employee Car Report

Particularly good for companies which have company cars or require employees to visit offsite locations. Track who has a car and how many miles done.


Training & Development Report

A great report to export any training & development records. Conditions can be used help determine which qualifications are expiring, which employees need training, etc.


Company Asset Report

Export a list of all your assets and where they are assigned to. Easily check which assets have warranty expiring and so on.


Current Salary Report

Export current salary of all employees with the ability to filter by department, employees and other conditions.


Salary History Report

This report allows you to see how an employee’s salary changes overtime.


Employee Contact Report

Easily export employees emergency contacts and ensure that they have added their emergency contacts into Luna.

Other Report Categories

  • Department Report
  • Department Expense Categories
  • Work Pattern Report
  • Employee Work Pattern Report
  • Public Holiday Report
  • Assigned Asset Report
  • Current Deduction Report
  • Deduction History Report
  • Additional Pay Report
  • Current Entitlement Report
  • Entitlement History Report