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How do I reject or query already approved leave?

In LunaHR, it is possible to reject already approver or authorised leave. The employee can also submit a claim to delete a previous leave request that you may have approved.

If you want to reject an already approved leave request, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Main navigation
  2. Leave -> Pending Leave -> Click on show advanced filters and select the status to approved
  3. Find the leave application to reject
  4. Go into actions and click reject or query
  5. You will need to enter a reason or a description of your query

Please note:

  • This will straight up reject their already approved leave. You may want to inform them you are doing this beforehand
  • The employee will receive a notification once you have rejected or queried their approved leave
  • The employee will be able to see the reason given
  • The annual leave deducted from the employee will be refunded