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How do I reject an expense?

If you’re an expense authorizer of a department you will receive expense applications from end-users in that department if the department is set up for authorization. You will also be in charge of authorizing expenses of expense approvers.

Please note, you can be an expense authorizer of multiple departments.

If you are a primary expense authorizer then, you will always receive notifications when an expense application is sent to you. Likewise, if enabled you will get system notifications that there is an expense application waiting.

To reject this expense application please follow the below instructions:

  1. Dashboard -> Notification -> Awaiting Authorisation or Expense -> Pending expenses

Here, there should be a list of expense reports. If there are none, it means there are currently no expense reports.

  1. Please check the following information in the table, you will want to click actions and view expense detail
  2. If you are unhappy with one of the expense reports, you can reject. If you are unhappy with all of them, you can reject them all
  3. And then click save

Once you have clicked save the end-user will be notified.

Here are some handy tips:

  • You can get a lot more detail by going into actions and viewing detail
  • If there are a lot of expenses, use the pay all and reject all buttons (depending on the expenses, of course)
  • You can add a note to expenses and payers will be able to see this
  • After you reject an expense it will go to the end-user for confirmation