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Sending out reports through automation is one of the most desired features any HR would want as it reduces the burden of preparing, then sending them out to the users on a particular time through emails. Modular HR tech like LunaHR has the ability to create reports inside the system and then schedule it to set out to the users as per your requirements.

You can automate report scheduling in LunaHR by following the steps below:-

  • Browse to Reports -> Scheduling
  • You will see a ‘+’ button on the top right, by clicking it you will see a pop up window where you can set up your reports scheduling
  •  You start by filling general information such as name of the schedule, what format you want it to be delivered i.e. Excel or pdf and start time of the schedule.
  • On the next steps from here, you fill up the recurrence details such as frequency and repetition
  • Now, you add the an email template of how your report emails schedules will look like
  • The last step is to add recipients from your company to whom you want the report to be scheduled

After creating your report schedule you will see that the schedule has been successfully added to the schedule table and you will start observing the reports going out to the users as scheduled.