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How do I authorise leave?

If you’re a leave authoriser of a department you will receive leave applications from leave approvers both primary and secondary.

Please note, you can be a leave authoriser of multiple departments.

If you are a leave authoriser then, you will always receive notifications when a leave application is sent to you. Likewise, if enabled you will get system notifications that there is a leave application waiting.

To authorise this leave application please follow the below instructions:

  1. Dashboard -> click on approved leave application -> click on the green tick button to authorise the leave
  2. You can also do this by browsing to Leave -> Pending leave and click on the green tick button to approve the leave applications

Here there should be a list of applications. If there are none, it means there are none waiting for approval.

  1. Please check the following information in the table (in particular leave type, from / to dates, and leave history
  2. If happy, click Authorise

Once you have clicked approve the end user will be notified. If you want to view this application again, please go into ‘Approved Leave’

Here are some handy tips:

  • Check what their application is i.e. leave type
  • It is a lot easier to digest the information by using ‘Leave Insight’. You can access this by going into actions and clicking ‘Leave Insight’ a modal should popup with information
  • It is useful to check the leave calendar to see the leave application conflicts with other staff