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The attendance module in LunaHR is an advanced employee attendance management functionality which makes the tracking of employee’s work for the HR a simple task. This module allows you to see attendance record of all your users in different departments in a single pane of window. The HR can keep a track record of number of days an employee has completed his hours, was late to work or forgot to add attendance.

It is very simple to add your attendance in LunaHR with the clock in and clock out functionalities that keeps a record of every second you have spent on work during the day.  To do this, you will see a small blue clock icon on the right side of your screen, when clicked gives you a button to clock in. By clocking in the clock starts which marks the starting point of your attendance of the day.  When your shift is finished you click on the clock icon again to stop the clock and press clock out which successfully clocks you out and saves the time record in your attendance module.

The idea is to simply record the number of hours you have worked in relation to your work patterns and number of hours you are required to do each day.