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Enable / Disable users to apply for sick leave

By using LunaHR’s rules and policies advanced functionality you can configure and tailer according to your requirements to enable/disable users from applying for sick leaves. This comes up very handy when you don’t want your users to exploit applying to sick leaves and have a proper recording system in place which asks the users to upload the medical certificate and specify a valid reason.

Therefore, to enable / disable user’s ability to apply for sick leave, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Leave -> Settings -> Rules and Policies
  2. Click on the ‘+’ button on the top right to add a new rule and select Allow users to apply for sick leaves and follow the steps, this will enable the users to apply for sick leaves.
  3. To disable this rule just turn off the button on the side of the rule when it is added in the list of active rules.

This way, by using the rules and policies you can easily enable and disable policies as per your organization’s requirements.