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How to assign a user a task?

Providing you have the permission you will be able to assign employees tasks. A task essentially means the employee must execute it, before they can do anything else.

The tasks that can currently be assigned are:

  • Enter sick leave (see here)
  • Explain why you were late
  • Explain details of your overtime
  • Explain your early check out
  • Explain why you didn’t turn up to work

You can assign any of the tasks by following the below instructions:

  1. Navigate to messaging tab
  2. Click ‘Compose’
  3. Select the task in the message type dropdown
  4. Select the employee
  5. Add any further details if required and then press send

Please note:

  • You can still impersonate users who have a task assigned to them
  • A history of the tasks you have sent will be in your inbox
  • Users will receive an email to state a task has been assigned to them
  • Once the task is complete, you will receive an email stating this