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Adding, Editing and Deleting Work Patterns

Work patterns are used to calculate leave allowance. It is a schedule that defines the working hours of an employee. Work patterns can be set on three levels: company, department and user. Department overrides company while user work patterns override department.

If no work pattern is given for a department or user then the default company working pattern will be used. In general company work pattern should be used, but obviously departments and users can have unique work patterns (thus individual ones should be created for this). Only one work pattern per user can be active.

Setting department working pattern

  1. Log in as Admin-> Company Structure -> Departments -> Edit Department -> Work Patterns
  2. Click on the ‘+’ button to add a new working pattern
  3. Select a work pattern for this department or use the default company working pattern


This department will now follow the department work pattern instead of the default company working pattern. We can go a step further and set a specific work pattern for an employee:

Selecting employee working pattern

  1. Login as admin -> Comapany Structure -> Employee -> Edit employee -> Work pattern
  2. Click on the ‘+’ to create a  work pattern
  3. Assign the employee the new work pattern


Now, this employee will have the unique working pattern set to them. This overwrite default company working pattern and department working pattern.


Please note the following:

  • Leave allowance can be manually set and doesn’t need to be reflective of work pattern hours
  • Leave allowance can be changed in the work pattern
  • You cannot delete a working pattern if there is employees using it

You can edit a work pattern by going into Administration -> Work Patterns -> Edit Work Pattern