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How to add an expense threshold date

In LunaHR, it is possible to add an expense threshold date with its advanced rules and policies feature. You can use this unique feature of the platform to set up some pre-defined rules that suit your company’s policies. Here, you can choose the rule expense threshold date where the employees will only be able to apply for expenses up until this date. This can be a useful feature if you want employees to submit all expenses by a certain date.

You can use this functionality by following the instructions:

  1. Expenses -> Settings -> Rules and policies
  2. Click on the ‘+’ to add a new rule and select the rule minimum expense threshold date from the rule type
  3. Enter the expense threshold date
  4. Select where you want this to be applicable i.e. company wide or a particular department

Now when an employee applies for an expense that is after this threshold, they will be met with an error message which will prevent the expense application.