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How do I add, edit or delete a mileage year?

Mileage years are crucial to the expense module. They are used to define mileage i.e. how much the company will pay and time (i.e. through what period). Mileage years work on three different levels, company, department and employee. Employee mileage rates will always have a higher priority that the former.

Mileage can have thresholds in LunaHR i.e. when you hit 1000 miles then we start paying this amount 0.40. When you hit 2000 miles then we start paying this amount 0.20.

Mileage tends to change on a yearly period and therefore you can setup multiple mileage years to adjust to fluctuating petrol rates / company policy.

You can add a new mileage year by doing the following:

  1. Main navigation
  2. Expenses -> Mileage Years
  3. Add new mileage Year
  4. Enter the required information

Please note:

  • You can delete or edit mileage years. You will however be unable to delete mileage years if they have data associated to it. For example, an employee has already made a mileage application in the mileage year you want to delete. You should be cautious when editing mileage years also.
  • Mileage years don’t technically need to be a yearlong, but it helps
  • It helps if your leave years match up with your mileage years
  • You can create multiple mileage years. Not to mention mileage rates can be overwritten on a department and user level