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How do I add, edit or delete a leave year?

Leave years are a crucial aspect of how the leave module functions. Leave Years establish a 1 year period, a threshold which is used to help calculate annual leave allowance.

It also acts as the threshold of where annual leave is renewed i.e. if there is a leave year 01/04/2017 to 31/03/2018 after 31/03/2018 annual leave will be renewed (with leave carried forward if this has been enabled)

You can add a new leave year by doing the following:

  1. Main navigation
  2. Leave -> Leave Years
  3. Create New Leave Year
  4. Enter the required information

Please note:

  • You can delete or edit leave years. You will however be unable to delete leave years if they have data associated to it. For example, an employee has already made a leave application in the leave year you want to delete. You should be cautious when editing leave years also.
  • You can create multiple leave years within LunaHR (ideally, they should follow the same date pattern though)
  • A leave year should be exactly a year long
  • It helps if your mileage years match up with your leave years