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How do I add, edit and delete a company leave allowance?

It’s very easy to add a new leave allowance in LunaHR. Why you may want a new leave allowance? Perhaps, you want your company to have a maternity leave allowance or leave in lieu.

You can add these leave allowances by following the instructions below:

  1. Main navigation
  2. Leave -> Leave Allowances
  3. Create new company leave allowance
  4. Fill in the required information

Please take note of the following:

  • Custom made leave allowances operate on a company level
  • The workflow is the same as normal leave, end-users make applications and this is processed by the approver /authorizer
  • You can edit/delete leave allowances in the ‘Leave Allowances’ page. You cannot, however, delete or edit the default annual/sick leave categories.
  • If you do want to edit annual leave, please do this in company work patterns
  • Add 0 days to allowance entitlement if you do not want to set a limit