In the past couple of weeks our development team has been working hard to improve the expense module and other minor improvements that were needed. Most of these improvements were made because of your user feedback. We will continue to develop LunaHR based on user feedback and HR requirements.

Our next release will also see more improvements to the expense and leave modules. We are also working with HR to release a couple of bespoke changes to the system.

But for now, below are the latest changes to the LunaHR Leave and Expense System. If you need further clarification about any of these, please let us know 🙂

New Functionality

  • We have implemented some new and exciting expense functionality
    • Google Addresses are not integrated into the ‘To and From’ addresses. As you type in a postcode or address, Google will automatically find the location. This can however be overwritten by the user if needed
    • Been a couple of days and your expense hasn’t been approved? You can now send a reminder to your approver using the ‘Send Reminder’ button on an expense that is Pending
    • All the expense pages now load by Ajax! What does this mean? When you pay an expense, the page should no longer refresh each time. Same goes for approval and authorization! Likewise, when you submit an expense item in an expense report, you can easily submit another item
    • You can now add multiple expenses in one report without page refresh!
    • Mileage system is completely new, Google maps has been integrated, waypoints have been added and Google addresses has also been added
  • Leavers / Inactive users no longer show in the frontend of the system. Inactive / Leavers can only be found in the ‘Users’ page by using the advanced filters. Here you can filter by this type and reactivate or look at their personal details
  • We have improved the calendar by making it so users with multiple departments can see others leave by configuring their settings, particularly handy for leave approvers
  • Users can now see their full expense details via a popup on the ‘My Expense’ page. Before they could only see basic details
  • We have significantly improved performance of the expense module, especially when it comes to uploading receipts
  • The new expense module has been made completely mobile responsive
  • Calendar has been significantly improved for those in multiple departments. If you are in more than one department, you can now filter which departments you see (i.e. users). This will help with approving leave applications

Improvements – (what improvements have we pushed out to existing features?)

  • To give an overview of all HR data – HR Head can now see all departments in the Approved Leave / Leave Summary pages
  • Payment confirmation messages (i.e. paying each individual expense you would get a ‘are you sure popup’?) has been removed to improve user experience
  • Sick leave only becomes faded now once it has been approved or rejected – if it is pending (regardless of date) it will show as normal
  • The date format for leave applications that show on the front page have been improved. Before it would show 11/03/2018 to 14/03/2018 for example. Now it shows the actual day and month i.e. Friday 11th of March 2018 to Tuesday the 14th of March 2018
  • The order of leave in awaiting approval has been improved. Since HR Head has been introduced to see all applications, it makes a lot of sense for the most recent to show
    • Likewise, search functionality was added to the awaiting approval page
  • The department page now has search functionality and loads a lot quicker thanks to some improvements in the code
  • Consistency to the terminology in the expense module has been added, expense reports and expense items are now clearly defined and made clear

Fixes – (what bugs have we fixed?)

  • A bug where the default mail settings did not save has been resolved
  • Backup approver now shows in the leave overview page if the primary approver is on leave
  • Also the backup approver should now get holiday requests (by email) this error has been fixed
  • Delete leave request bug fixed
  • Inactive / Active accounts bug fixed
  • Various other bugs have been fixed from user feedback from clients

Operations – (any OP updates?)

  • Work has been done to improve performance on the server

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