November 2019

From design to deployment

The third edition of our development series. We have been working hard on enhancing existing functionality and developing some exciting new features. November is already shaping up to be a great month. We are working on some new features that will be very beneficial for existing and prospective clients.


New and improved

Previously LunaHR had announcements, however the format and functionality needed to be developed further. We wanted company announcements to be more interactive and visual (similar to that of a blog post).

Announcements are a good way of informing employees about important news for employees. In addition with permanent notes, employees will now be continually informed and updated. Use the announcements functionality to share company updates with stunning pictures and succinct descriptions. When you create an announcement it will be (1) posted in the company hub (2) employees are informed by email and (3) it will appear directly in ‘what’s new’.

Rules & Policies

Much easier to use now

Rules & Policies is a unique feature of LunaHR. It allows companies to create intuitive rules to automate and regulate various HR policies, ensuring company policies are incorporated. We have made some changes to make this functionality much easier to use (1) all rules & policies come with a description (2) it now takes 2-steps to setup a rule instead of three (3) the terminology has been improved throughout.

More enhancements

Bug fixes and improvements

In addition to the above, in the past couple of weeks we have been working hard to fix minor bugs and make enhancements to ensure consistency throughout our platform. Here are some notable improvements:

Calendar improvements – edit leave applications from the calendar, filter by department

Modern page and content loaders added

Book leave on employees behalf from the company structure page

Xero API modal improvements

Reports scheduling UI / UX has been greatly improved, along with history

Leave & Expenses applications now flagged when they invalidate company policies

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