5 Proven Ways To Nurture Young Talent 

Let’s face it – nurturing young talent goes a long way in any company, especially as it brings the best in others and lifts the team spirit higher. However, there are even more benefits to this story. Obviously, one of them is the higher possibility of retaining that talent once you nurture it – and making sure that the next generation is definitely going to step up the game in the company. 

However, most people wonder how does nurturing young talent work – and how to begin with it. Today, we are listing five proven ways in which you can nurture young talent and ensure that your company is good to progress. 

1. Listen and learn 

The first and foremost rule is actually inspired from a mistake that many senior partners tend to repeat; That is their lack of willingness to learn. In fact, a lot of senior partners may be less interested in hearing what the young generation has to say. Most of them think that they need to teach them – while they can actually learn something from them in the first place. 

2. Empower all your new employees with leadership opportunities 

We all know that no one expects to be a leader or participate in new projects from the moment they step into an organisation, especially if they are young. But, honestly, why does it need to be this way? 

You can switch the cards and offer your young talent leadership roles and opportunities from the start. After all, every youngster out there is looking for a challenge and an opportunity to learn. 

3. Give them mentors 

Assigning a mentor to young talent can be a crucial decision which actually challenges the workers to have even greater roles in a new professional’s success. The truth is, everyone needs a mentor – but even more than that, young talent need to look at leadership at something other people do and focus on achieving it, with no limits at all. 

4. Listen to their needs 

As you probably know, today’s generation X and Y are workers with a fuller life than ever before. They find it hard to balance family, work-life and charitable causes. They work hard but the hours they spend are not usually anchored to a desk. 

This is something that every company needs to embrace from the start – and find value in it. So, take the time to listen what the young talent has to say, be patient and forethought with them. All new employees make mistakes – but all deserve a chance to be encouraged and try different things, even if they don’t work out 

5. Provide networking opportunities 

At last, networking opportunities definitely pay off, and can highlight previously unknown career paths. They actually help the young talent build the skills and experience that leads them to better roles and positions within the organisation. 

So, the bottom line is simple. Once you push the young talent to grow in the right way, it will grow within your company and definitely be crucial in its success. It is the young generations that are the new frontiers and the bringers of new changes – which is why your business should be focused on them. 

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  • Duke Nyakweba
    Posted on June 7, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    I would like to know how I can nurture young talents in football club which is almost started.


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