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Attract, engage, retain and develop. A modern, flexible next generation HR platform that has been developed for the businesses of today


The business environment is changing faster than ever. What was best practice yesterday or today probably won’t be suitable for tomorrow. In addition, the huge influx of millennials to the workforce is forcing HR to face the brunt of the resulting challenges as they attempt to simultaneously attract, engage, retain, and develop employees. Today has never been more crucial to devote strategic resources to manage the most valuable and volatile resource - human capital.


With LunaHR, organisations can rapidly move away from paper-based processes to a modern self-service environment with access for all employees and management. Update and authorisation is controlled by comprehensive business rules. Self-service facilities are easy to use and intuitive for employees and managers and provides a trusting working environment.

Leave Management

Real time holiday booking automatic approval based on rules based functionality.

Expense Module

Real time expense tracking means the system will automatically bill the client against the relevant expense

Recruitment Module

Machine learning enables a candidate to be analysed via their employment history, noting trends and characteristics

Time and Attendance Module

Time and Attendance is linked to performance management for causes of unusual behaviour such as persistent lateness

Talent Management Module

Real time assessment removes the need for annual reviews. Analysing causes for a drop in performance and link to absenteeism


The pricing model is done per employee per month without bands. This payment includes all future software updates. The pricing model also recognises what modules are used, thus helping avoid extra payment for wasted functionality.

What Else Is Included

The Roadmap

Client satisfaction is incredibly important and so is delivering the best product in HR. LunaHR has an extensive roadmap that is consistently undergoing development. The roadmap aims to implement functionality that will advance the HR industry.

User Group

LunaHR development was driven by HR professionals. The software is typically aimed at HR professionals but has been setup in a way to be extremely intuitive for users with no HR experience.


There are two main options for onboarding (1) have the digital data all ready? There will be no onboarding cost (2) have got paper records? Some cost for resource allocation will be needed.

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