Highlighting and summarising the latest changes

What's New

12 Jan 2020

Subscriptions, Document Types

To start the New Year, we have some interesting new features and amendments to the platform. And if you are reading this page, you have probably discovered a new yet subtle feature, the what’s new icon in the header of your LunaHR page. We’ll be using this page to post any platform updates that you should know about.

A couple of changes we have done recently include; managing a list of document types, viewing pending leave applications on calendars (providing you are an approver), validation for mileage crossovers, message centre improvements and much more.

Additionally, to help process payments and improve transparency we have introduced a subscription page. This allows companies to see how many active users they have, when their next payment is due and collect the payments via the platform. This functionality will most likely be used by new companies, existing clients do not need to worry about this.

Finally, we have made various other changes i.e. adding collapsible navigation, tooltips for public holidays, new heading icons, logical table spacing, improvements to the employee directory, company links in the company hub, new file uploader, minor improvements to training & development and the ability to clear notifications from what’s new.

29 Dec 2019

Recruitment, New Reports

In our latest instalment we introduced some new functionality, made a range of improvements and fixed some lingering bugs. Firstly, we introduced some new reports to see track changes of employee financial information i.e. entitlements, salaries, additional pay and so on. Likewise made some other minor report tweaks. In the next set of improvements, we have planned to make the workflow of creating a new report more streamlined and even easier to use.

Secondly, we have implemented a basic recruitment module. This allows HR / Line managers to add job positions which they require, adding crucial information i.e. scheduled start date, salary, job title, etc. Once somebody has been hired, employees can be assigned to these positions, thus giving a detailed recruitment history.

To complement the above, we have improved the job title field by allowing HR to manage a list of common job titles, making it far easier to assign and report job titles.

03 Dec 2019

New Fields, New Logs

We have greatly improved all activity logs (leave, expenses, assets, employee activity, etc.), making them more visual and easier to find the information you are looking for.

In combination, it made sense to update various fields, to ensure clients are successfully capturing the data they need to capture to later export into reports. We have added various new fields i.e. slack, skype, soft skills, hard skills, etc.

We have also introduced the ability to add multiple records for salary, entitlement, additional pay and deductions. A very important change for tracking financial changes.

A similar system has been adopted for references and reviews. Moreover, we have made My Profile & Edit Profile a lot easier to use from a UX perspective.

11 Nov 2019

Announcements, Custom Calendars

Long overdue, we have introduced visual announcements. Your HR team can post an announcement and notify all employees within the company. The functionality works similar to blogs, you can make unlimited announcements. In the future we will make them more interactive i.e. allowing commenting, reactions.

Additionally we have introduced some of the following: custom calendars, new page & content loader, and book leave functionality.

28 Oct 2019

Assets Module, Rules & Policies

We have further developed our assets functionality. The new assets module (core functionality) can be used to easily track company assets. You can store all of this information and assign assets to specific employees, departments and offices.

Additionally, we improved rules & policies, added project functionality, improved report scheduling and expenses and leave to be flagged.