Recruitment Functionality (core) All companies need to attract the best talent available. LunaHR provides an area to handle a smooth recruitment process, ensuring everything is organised and logged. From creating and logging the actual position through to new joiner assignment in your employee structure, the recruitment functionality allows your HR department / Line managers to [...]

Company Assets

Company Assets (core) All companies need a safe and reliable place for storing and managing all our assets in one place. Such functionality makes it easier for HR / IT professionals to organise, distribute and keep track of company assets. The asset functionality is included within the LunaHR core module. With the ability to control [...]


OverviewNext 10 Years of Human Resources Human Resources is evolving quickly - quicker than most experts expected. Understanding and subsequently harnessing Human Resources can help accelerate business growth and ensure stability at the same time. Experts in HR are always looking at the future, outlining the three most potent issues facing HR in the next [...]

Reports Module

LunaHR Reports Module LunaHR Reports module allows comprehensive reports to be created, providing company insights, allowing strategy to be developed. Custom report templates can be automatically generated and scheduled on a regular basis, giving timely insights without any effort, allowing time to be focused on taking action instead. Filtering Functionality Custom Templates Create Your Own [...]