Last Updated On March 07, 2018
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How to apply for mileage?

It is super easy to report a mileage expense in LunaHR. Please follow the instructions below:

Reporting an expense using the dashboard (quickest)

  1. Navigate to the dashboard page
  2. Click report an expense in the top right-hand corner under the navigation bar
  3. Click ‘Add New Expense’
  4. Select Mileage
  5. Fill in the information, upload a receipt if possible
  6. Click save expense
  7. If you want to add another expense, follow the same process from point 4. If not, click send for approval

Please note the following when applying for mileage:

  • Google Mileage uses their data and is accurate to our knowledge
  • Applying for mileage will state your miles. Mileage rate is defined by your company. This information can be found in your profile, in the expense tab (see this article)
  • You can add a car (see this article) to track the mileage of your vehicle and make future mileage applications easier