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How To View Expense Claims?

How do I view my expense claims? All expense claims will be stored and viewable on your profile. You can access your historic expense claims and their status by taking the following actions: Browse to Expense -> My expense to see all claimed expenses Please note: All your expense records are located here You can […]

What Is Sick Leave?

What is sick leave? Sick leave is where you have had to take leave because of illness. Depending on company policy, you might be able to apply for this yourself (Applying for sick leave) or an administrator will assign a sick leave form for you to fill out. In the UK, if you take more […]

What Is Leave Taken and Leave Remaining?

What is ‘Leave Taken’ and ‘Leave Remaining’? Exactly what the name says, leave taken is simply the amount of annual leave you have taken. This box / figure does not include any other leave entitlement defined by your company i.e. maternity leave for example. Leave remaining is the amount of leave you have remaining from […]

What Is Entitled Leave?

What is ‘Entitled Leave’? Your company defines how much leave you are entitled to. This is entitled leave or commonly referred to as either annual leave or paid holiday. Depending on how many hours you work depends on your entitled leave. If you work 5 days a week must receive 28 days paid holiday (this […]

Logging Into LunaHR

You can login to your account once an administrator has set it up. There are some exceptions i.e. your account might not be active. If so, you will receive a notification about this. Navigate to your tenancy. For example – companyname.luna.hr Login by entering your username (tends to be your email) and your password Click […]

How Do I Logout?

How do I logout? Once you have finished with using the LunaHR application, it is important to logout. The system will automatically log you out after a set time or after closing your browser, but you can also manually do this. To logout please follow the below instructions: Click on the exit to app icon […]